The McKenna Group is growing fast. Our growth is only constrained by our ability to find truly outstanding people, individuals who want to make a very personal mark in the new economy. While our business employs powerful methodologies, we are above all prized for our ability to think creatively and with logical rigor about the toughest business issues of the day.

Why come to The McKenna Group? Because careers at The McKenna Group really offer the best of both worlds, strategy consulting and venture capital. One day, we are working alongside a small group of entrepreneurs with a hot new technology looking for a market; the next day we are helping a world-scale e-business infrastructure company understand the future business value of the Internet. Then we turn around and develop a new kind of revenue and relationship model for an exciting e-business spin-out of a major B2B content provider, followed by plotting the introduction of a hot new consumer electronic product that taps into the Internet in quite remarkable ways. 

If these challenges are what you’re looking for, we invite you to continue to investigate career opportunities at The McKenna Group.