Key Responsibilities
Consultants are responsible for significant tasks within major project modules. Consultants support the engagement team in many key phases of a project: hypothesis generation, data gathering, distilling information, analysis and implications. They generally work under the direct guidance of a Senior Consultant or Principal.

Desired Experience
Masters or undergraduate degree from a leading university in a technology-related discipline, or in relevant business fields like e-commerce, media, and entrepreneurship 

Prefer 1-2 years’ experience in a technology company, financial services, market research or consulting environment 

Key Attributes

  • Strong modeling abilities
  • Primary and on-line research abilities 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Strong team participation style and inter-personal skills 
  • Passionate interest and focus on technology/e-business
  • Self driven, enthusiastic and flexible work style 

The Consultant’s Role
The consultant plays a pivotal role at The McKenna Group. We work in small teams, typically smaller than average consulting teams. This has several implications for our consultants.

From the very beginning your ideas are welcomed and used by the team. We realize that the best way to motivate people and get them really contributing is to ask their opinion, use their analysis and involve them as fully as possible.

You will find yourself working with some of our most experienced professionals. We believe very strongly that consultants will learn most by working with clients and more experienced colleagues.

You will have contact with our client from a very early stage. There is no back-room army slogging away on computers at The McKenna Group. You will interview senior client management, attend client presentations, play a full part in the development and communication of vital strategic recommendations. This will happen not after years, but from the very beginning; we have confidence in the quality of our people.

Consultant Development
When you join our company as a consultant, you will have the opportunity to actively shape the future of The McKenna Group. Our offices are small enough that our consultants can make a real impact, rather than being lost in the crowd.

Mostly, this is visible in the work that they do. Consultants also take central roles in the life of the firm. They are given the power to shape the future direction of the company, playing a major role in such firm-building activities as recruiting, business development, and in-house training.

Consultants are put on the front line and develop as quickly as they are able.

Career Progression
We have only one policy on career progression—to develop and promote people as quickly as their potential permits.

Although some consultants choose to study for an MBA at a top business school, many of our consultants feel that the opportunities available at The McKenna Group are a more attractive option. Our consultants have advanced to senior consultant, principal and even partner level without an MBA. As with everything, we try to tailor people’s development to what they, and the company, agree they need.