Partner Perspectives:
  • How to Make Money on the Web – The New Convergence, Highlights from the Digital Marketplace, Issue 3 – Philipp Gerbert

“Spring 2000 has seen a big correction in the value of Internet stocks, with top-branded companies losing 90% of their market value. Symbols like can suddenly be questioned by “bean counters” at Lehmann Brothers, who give its debt junk bond ratings. The new focus is summarized in two words: “Profits matter!“…”

  • CRM: Driving Loyalty by Managing the Total Customer Experience – John Calhoun

“Too often companies use CRM technologies as simply a means of better targeting customers and maximizing the opportunity to cross sell, based on inferred needs. While this has immediate pay back for the business, it fails to meet the more strategic goal of improving customer loyalty and creating advocacy…”

Regis’ Corner: 

Each month, our founder Regis McKenna will review a book, exclusively for our Web site visitors. The first of these selections is The Innovator’s Dilemma, by Clayton M. Christensen. Visit us each month for a new selection and review.

“How I select the books I read” – Regis McKenna

Books by Regis McKenna

  • Real Time, Harvard, 1997
  • Relationship Marketing, Addison Wesley, 1991
  • Who’s Afraid of Big Blue?, Addison Wesley, 1989
  • The Regis Touch, Addison Wesley, 1985