Google Reviews: Utility and Positioning

In the positioning of your online store, any small detail can make you gain a position that means a large amount of traffic for your websites, stealing customers from your direct competitors.

One of the aspects that can help you improve your SEO are Google reviews through its “Google My Business” rating tool. In addition, it increases your conversion rate, since if a product or an eCommerce has good reviews from other clients, it is easier to generate trust and attract the longed-for sales.

In this article we show you the usefulness of the review and the importance of getting it to boost your business.

How do Google reviews work?

Google has long been the # 1 search platform, and that’s why we visit it on a daily basis. We all search about places to eat or about products that we want to buy, and one of the greatest sources of reliability about a product or establishment is its reviews.

Today, it is more important than ever to have a good image on Google and good visibility. One method is getting ratings so that your business does not lose its rhythm and is always active in the search engine.

Almost 90% of Internet consumers read reviews from other users before deciding to make a purchase. Therefore, all reviews are important, since they can be the definitive impact for those who have doubts about whether to make the purchase.

How to see my reviews?

In order to see the comments that have been made about your business, you can access them by following a few simple steps:

    Access your Google My Business account panel

    In the sidebar you will find two options to view ratings:

        Latest comments: if you want to see a breakdown of the latest reviews

        Comments: if you want to access all comments

    In the event that you have several websites in Google My Business you must access “Manage locations” and then “Manage opinions”.

In addition to this option, when a user evaluates your site, an email will arrive at the email address associated with Google My Business and from there you can also directly access your ratings.

Who can write Google reviews?

google reviews

Anyone can write a review of a site or a product, whether they have purchased the product or not. To post an opinion about an establishment or make a comment about an eCommerce, you just have to carry out the following steps:

    Access your Google account: for this you must enter your email and password.

    Carry out a search for the web or the site you want to evaluate: you can do it from Google Search or from Google Maps.

    Access the reviews section: here it will ask you to indicate a star rating before you can write your message.

As you can see, it is a simple process that anyone with internet access is able to follow. This possibility invites us to think inevitably, if there is a solution to unfair reviews, or if a false review about your products can be eliminated.

How can I delete a review on Google?

The search engine does not offer an option to delete reviews in use, but there are two ways to delete a review on Google:

    Get the person who published it to agree to delete it of their own free will.

    Clicking on “Flag as inappropriate”.

In the case of marking a negative review on Google as inappropriate, what we will be telling the search engine is that this comment is false or that it does not comply with Google’s privacy policies. To mark an opinion as inappropriate you must perform the following process:

    Access Google Maps and locate your business.

    Locate the review you want to delete.

    Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the comment and select “Flag as inappropriate.”

After this process, you must fill out a report on the incident and provide your email so that the case can be followed up. You should keep in mind that the review process is slow and that there is no guarantee that the review will eventually be removed, but it is necessary to try.

Are all the reviews the same?

review importance

The reality is that no, there are opinions that weigh more than others and here the concept of Local guides or local guides was born. When you are looking for information tion, you will always rely more on truthful sources or with enough experience to speak of the opinion of an expert.

In this case, Local Guides are people who know the product or establishment they are writing about theoretically and can provide an objective review. The more reviews they have made on Google, the more value the search engine gives to these opinions.

For Google, a user who writes reviews on a regular basis and has rated hundreds of sites is not the same as a person who rates your website for the first time, with a negative review, for example. Having high-level Local Guide reviews will give you better visibility in local searches compared to your direct competitors.

What does Google value about reviews?

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Google takes into account 3 parameters when giving visibility to a business in its search engine, the quality, the quantity and the frequency with which they value you.

Quality: It is the most important factor, it shows users that they can trust your product. Also, if your business appears in the top positions of Google searches, you will attract much more traffic.

Quantity: The more reviews your business has, the easier it is for new customers to discover it. For this reason, large companies accumulate significant amounts of reviews on Google.

Frequency: The news always plays an important role in the search engine, therefore, the more recent these reviews are, the more important they will be for users. Old 5-star reviews may seem outdated to potential buyers.

How to get reviews on Google?

The first and fundamental thing is to create an account in Google My Business and make all the necessary settings so that your website or company is visible on Google and you can receive visits and ratings.

The free Google My Business tool allows businesses to configure how businesses appear in Google Maps searches. Once your account is created in this application, you are ready for customers to discover your store and get reviews in the following ways:

Ask for reviews on Google

Many clients and acquaintances finish their purchases in a satisfactory way in your store, finding exactly the product they were looking for, or with an excellent treatment during the sale and after sales.

It is important to ask this class of clients to leave a comment about you or their experience with your business in the search engine, in order to obtain quality reviews. In addition to asking people you trust for these reviews, you can also encourage satisfied customers with various strategies, such as a small discount on their next purchase.

Direct links to Google My Business

Sometimes asking clients to write you a review and giving directions on how they should do it can be awkward or complicated. For this reason, there are tools that allow you to generate links to Google reviews directly so that customers only have to fill in the box with their review without having to access the site.

The Google Review Direct Link Generator tool offers you two possibilities, the first is to take the user to the reviews box directly with the 5-star score pre-marked, and the second is to take the user to the list with all your reviews and that they can write their own opinion.

What are reviews for?

usefulness of the review

Having a good amount of favorable opinions can have a favorable impact on the positioning of the web associated with the Google My Business listing. They improve your search results, because having a significant number of quality evaluations attracts more traffic to your store, and produces a greater number of conversions, which increases the relevance of your business.

The algorithm understands that as more people enter your site, it is a site of greater interest, and therefore it is a reason to make it appear higher in searches.

For Google robots, user opinions are important to improve positioning, since when there is a large number of customers leaving their reviews, these robots understand that it is a relevant site and therefore liable to appear better positioned.

In addition to this, it also favors local SEO, since the first positions in the search ranking are occupied by businesses that have a large number of positive comments, and although the weight of the evaluations in this positioning is not known, it has been shown that it influences considerably . The possibility of appearing in the first 3 searches that My Business offers to users boosts the traffic on your website, and therefore improves its relevance, which makes Google position you better as well.

How to manage Google reviews?

It is important to be up to date whenever people talk about you, whether on social media, in an external blog or in reviews, so it is necessary to always be aware of the media and reviews.Responding to your customers’ reviews is essential, whether they are positive or negative comments, since it is a way of thanking the people who invest their time in evaluating our store or, on the contrary, to politely deny false or harmful information to the business.

To optimally manage negative comments, it must be borne in mind that you must always do it from education, in addition, you must also try to take into account the following premises:

    Speed ​​to avoid that other dissatisfied clients generate a snowball making difficult the resolution of the crisis.

    Empathy with the client.

    Manage the incident in the private sphere, if it is something specific, you can try to solve it by mail or by phone with the client.

    Indemnify or compensate the customer to correct the error, if it is a failure of the company and appease the disgruntled user.

    Acknowledge the error publicly, if necessary, to show that you are trying to improve your service and have learned.

Harness the power of Google reviews

google reviews

Now that you know the importance of your customers’ opinions for your company and you know how to start obtaining them, don’t miss the opportunity to request a review whenever possible. Both the trust of your clients and the positioning of your website will improve, without forgetting that it is a fundamental section to position yourself better than your competition when we are talking about local SEO.

As for evaluations, quantity, quality and frequency are as important as knowing how to treat them and offer a response, both to positive and negative comments, in order to manage any type of crisis that arises.

In addition, in Palbin you have the Google Customer Reviews tool to take advantage of the full potential of Google reviews in your store. Are you already taking advantage of the benefits of valuations in your online business?