How we do

The McKenna Group creates strategies for its clients in information and communications technologies. Its strategies are designed to create significant leadership and subsequent revenue growth for its clients. This is achieved by defining the future (technologies create new opportunities), developing business, market, product, channel, and partner creation strategies to drive the future into the present. Making the future happen ahead of the competition creates first-to-market advantage for The McKenna Group’s clients.

The McKenna Group’s toolkit is applied to help clients answer:

  • How to identify the fundamental points of leverage in the total customer experience
  • How to create a market and business category
  • How to enter a market, dominate it, and sustain market leadership
  • How to develop and manage customer-centric value delivery networks
  • How to establish the partnerships and complementary activities that are required to deliver “whole product solutions” throughout the technology adoption cycle
  • How to develop and deliver the recommended solutions

Building on these approaches, we also have a set of powerful methodologies to help clients map the path to value maximization in a highly networked delivery system. Well known methodologies that have originated at The McKenna Group include:

  • The Market Infrastructure
  • Crossing the Chasm
  • TEAM
  • Venture Process Guide