Is Prestashop free? Prestashop vs Palbin 2021

In order to help you clarify the ideas, we are going to review with you the characteristics that your online store should have from its inception and we will see through an example the economic cost to achieve them. Today we compare the price of an online store in Prestashop and Palbin, do you sign up?

When setting up an online store it is important to calculate the prior investment that we need to make. The hidden costs of some services make this difficult, but remember that this initial analysis is part of every online project.

In any business, whether physical or virtual, profitability is the priority objective in the medium and long term. In the short term we need to make certain investments that must be translated into an economic return over time.

We then calculate the initial investment necessary to create an online store in Prestashop and Palbin.

Prestashop vs Palbin

What we want is to create an online store from scratch. Initially we see that the creation of an online store in Prestashop is free. Then it will be necessary to make some disbursement, but for now we register to start configuring our electronic commerce.

With Palbin you have 30 free days to start working and master the platform, then you must take advantage of one of the subscriptions.

On both platforms we can upload the product catalog ourselves, with all that this entails (titles, descriptions, prices, taxes, discounts …); we choose a template with the design that we like; we create various banners to give our store an attractive look; and we personalize it with our logo.

Once we have the graphic and content aspects, we must think about the functionalities we need to launch and promote our online business. As always, the configuration of all aspects related to SEO positioning is essential and a priority when it comes to achieving results in an e-commerce.

Recommended features and their cost

    Important: Keep in mind that if Prestashop updates and your plugins are left behind, you will have to pay again to buy updated plugins. However, we want our clients not to have to worry about extra expenses or new installations, that is why at Palbin all updates are free and we implement them automatically, both in applications and on the platform.

Other functionalities

There are other very interesting functionalities and services that these companies offer to their clients. Each online store has its peculiarities and needs, so not all of them need to hire them and for that reason we do without them in this price table of essential functionalities.

For example, if you do not have knowledge about the platform, or if you do not have time to create your online store, you may need to hire help to carry out this task. It is important to always have the support of professionals so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. In the case of Palbin, we have professionals in our staff who will help you in the start-up of your online store (import of products, personalized template, port a, configuration of payment methods, etc. for € 399 + VAT) or to make a personalized template design and its cover (€ 199 + VAT).

If you do not have a professional in social networks and web positioning, it is likely that you need external SEO Positioning services. It is always important that you work with experts to manage your organic web positioning since, as you already know, SEO makes our online store acquire better positions in search engines and, in this way, improve the conversion of our business.

Similarly, if you want to give a professional boost to the sales of your online store, you will need to hire external SEM Advertising services, it is important that if we do not have enough experience, we rely on professionals from the sector so that we can obtain the best results. .

In both platforms there is the possibility of contracting these services, but in Palbin we have the advantage of being able to do everything internally without having to refer to external professionals, since in our staff we have professionals, who perfectly know the platform to get the most out of it. maximum performance to your online store.

is prestashop free

Is Prestashop free?

As we have seen throughout the post, Prestashop has its advantages and disadvantages. The installation of the Prestashop software is free, however, this does not stop there. To ensure that your ecommerce has all the functionalities you need, you have to take care of installing a series of plugins (add-ons) that do carry a cost, but not only that, their maintenance and technical support also require extra expenses.

At Palbin we strive to bring all the functionalities closer to our customers with the lowest cost, always trying to make this cost € 0. We also carry out all legal updates as well as optimization of resources at no cost to our clients.

But above all, it should be noted that the beginnings are not easy, and always, throughout our trajectory, doubts may arise. That is why it is important to have a professional support team ready to help you without involving an extra cost that affects your income. Prestashop is free, but its support carries a cost of € 99 per ticket / query. And you, are you still thinking about which platform to create your online store?

Customer reviews

It is always important to contrast the information received with opinions of Prestashop and Palbin from customers. Below we show you different comments about what, for us, are key aspects for our clients: updates and technical support. Doubts may arise at any time and it is very important to have someone to help you at that time, as well as to have the peace of mind of not needing to be aware of updating your store and its applications, that is, focus solely on your business.