Our History

The McKenna Group was founded in 1970, by well known Silicon Valley marketing strategist and visionary Regis McKenna. Since then, our consultants have had an incredible influence on technology, and each wave of the technology revolution. We helped Intel launch the microprocessor. We helped Apple establish an image and influence well beyond its size. We helped 3Com reposition itself and launch the LAN business. The firm has, in fact, worked with most of the major technology companies at times that were critical to their growth, and gained its reputation by contributing new insights for the successes that followed. With the arrival of the internet, The McKenna Group’s ground-breaking strategy work continued. We created the concept of e-business and helped IBM craft this category. We are presently helping shape opportunities with leaders in such key fields as m-commerce, broadband, e-tail, eCRM, e-publishing, pervasive computing, e-travel, e-finance, and network appliances. We continuously keep abreast of new developments and have the opportunity to work with the leaders of today…and tomorrow.