What we do

The McKenna Group creates markets, businesses, and ventures.  Our unique focus is to help clients dominate profitable markets by leveraging new technologies and creating innovative business models. We have built a reputation assisting technology-infused companies, both established firms and cutting-edge start-ups, with the creation of new product categories and the strategies and programs to develop and dominate emerging markets.  Applying a strong market-centric focus, we fundamentally enhance how vendors’ products and services are offered in the market and how businesses and consumers form lasting relationships with those vendors.  Typical projects focus on how existing and key emerging technologies (i.e. m-commerce, broad-band) can offer new business opportunities for our clients.  We define these strategies in a practical and easy-to-execute manner.  For our clients who wish to go beyond strategy, we also offer solutions management capabilities to ensure that the real e-business value proposition is effectively and optimally delivered.